Possum Magic: Children’s Literature

Possum Magic is a well-known Australian children’s picture book, which was originally written by Mem Fox and illustrated by Julie Vivas. Possum Magic was dedicated to Mem Fox’s daughter Chloë Fox. Another face that is not well know about Possum Magic is that it was originated as an assignment for a course in Children’s Literature. Is it still as popular as it was published in 1983 and as it approaches its 30th birthday? Continue reading


Historical Fantasy

Historical Fantasy, what separates this genre from the others, could it be popularity or just it’s easier to write. Could be both, who knows. There are some good pieces of work from past and present that can show many of you why it’s so popular. Continue reading

“End of an Era”: The Match That Stopped The Show

This is an end of an era, the end of two last and greatest active wrestlers. The best of the best, to have ever laced their boots and to have entered the ring of the World Wrestling Entertainment. With a special guest referee who is also a great wrestling legend and Hall of Famer. Are they able to end their era with a bang or like the “Once In a Life Time” match fall short on expectations? Continue reading