More About hbk6193

Originally I started blogging because of school, mainly based for english assignments. Which I am still currently posting my assignments, feel free to read them. That’s why I am keeping them up on this blog.

After a while of assignments, some friends of mine claimed I was very good at writing/blogging. So, I decided what the hell I might as well try to continue. I am just blogging about anything that I either enjoy or think about. At least I won’t be like some people who use blogs very similar to Twitter, I’d rather use them as information for others, whom don’t know much about the subject, which should sound fair enough. Not only will I post information I may do some reviews on this blog.

Now for those who plan one sticking around to read my blogs, beaware that I kind of stick around the same stuff, but I can branch out into other things if I personally like them. There will be different blogs involving sports, music, assignments, reviews, opinions, stories. I can garruntee anything really because I really just start typing and see what I come up with.


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