Edward Scissorhands, 22 Years On

Edward Scissorhands, it’s a easy to remember film for those who have watched it when it came out, which was 22 years ago in 1990. Yet, it’s still in everyone’s minds even though they may have not watched it for a few years.

There’s a bit of blending of realistic and fantastic elements. The houses are realistic looking yet all the colours used of them (Pink, Yellow, Blue etc), making them seem more fantastic. All the families within the unnamed neighbourhood are realistic, but the women don’t have jobs. The men leave and come home from work at the exact same time.

The hedges that Edward sculpted are twice the size or larger than the hedge was to begin with, which is a bit of a fantastic element. Also with Edward sculpting, the interesting question is where he got the ice from to sculpt? It’s understandable that the fact it’s a movie come into it, but still.

Edward Scissorhands blends a few stories that many have seen before in fairy tales and other stories. An example is Beauty and the Beast, Pinocchio, Romeo & Juliet and Frankenstein. Beauty and the Beast is another good example.

You could say that the Beast is Edward, looks evil and dangerous on the outside, but good on the inside. Whereas Kim Boggs is the beauty, she looks past the outside ‘layer’ of Edward and sees the innocence and love in Edward.

Pinocchio is similar to Edward, for the majority of the film Edward want to become normal, like how Pinocchio was to become a real boy. Although Pinocchio does eventually becomes a real boy, whereas Edward gives up the idea of becoming normal/human.

Although Edward and Kim’s relationship is more similar to Romeo & Juliet, the two can’t be together because they are different, especially after Kim lied to everyone about Edward’s death to save him. Meaning she cannot ever see him again. Although, neither of them dies, Kim just grows older whereas Edwards doesn’t seem to age.

The film, even though it’s about 22 years old, is still sending a few messages to the young audience, it shows that Art is a good and bad thing, which and show the art is a dangerous thing. “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” No matter how people look, the can be the most amazing person and you wouldn’t know it until you got to know them.   The clear message though is that no matter what/who you are you can still accomplish amazing things and shows that one person can change a whole town, like Edward did he changed the town for good and bad.


One thought on “Edward Scissorhands, 22 Years On

  1. Hi there, hbk,

    This is pretty thorough (although some careful proofreading would really help). You make a good point about Romeo and Juliet, except those two lovers were separated, at first, by their warring families. Kim and Edward are kept apart by the neighbourhood’s intolerance, which is one of the main ideas explored in the film.

    Nice use of pictures, by the way.

    Grade: B-

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