Hatsune Miku: The Virtual Diva

Hatsune Miku is a virtual diva who just started as a singing programme now is a worldwide internet sensation. A programme used by many to make millions of songs including the famous Nyan Cat. Why has this singing programme become so famous in a few short years?

In the year of 2009 not many people outside of Japan never know about a thing called Vocaloid. Now in the year 2012 one Vocaloid named Hatsune Miku has become viral, having a video having over 16 million views. That same video has made her a worldwide star. The one video/song World is Mine has for many people and for me personally the beginning of something amazing.

Hatsune Miku’s popularity has increased dramatically ever since the first concert in 2009. Although, she has a lot of popularity before the 2009 concert. She started as a program to make songs, Vocaloid 2 is the name of the programme. Vocaloid 2 is a very similar to Garage Band on the Apple Computers.

A fact that many people don’t know, the famous meme Nyan Cat was actually made with the same programme Hatsune Miku came from. Once you have heard Hatsune Miku then the Nyan Cat, the Miku fans can pick out her voice.

Vocaloid 2, as said before it’s a similar programme to garage band. The only difference between the two programmes is garage band uses music/instruments, whereas Vocaloid uses a voice instead. This programme has caused many artists to show their talent and express their feelings without having to deal with singing the songs themselves and having to deal with as much criticism. Many artists have become famous like Livetune, Wowoka, CosMo, Deco 27 and Ryo (Supercell). These artists have become famous mainly because their songs have being put onto the Project Diva games.


The Project Diva series is a music and rhythm game. The aim is to score the highest amount of points by hitting a button in cue with the music playing. There are a whole list of songs to go through all by different artists, it’s pretty much a concert within a game. The are other Vocaloid (characters) to play as Kaito, Meiko,  Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin and Megurine Luka. All characters can be edited to your liking, from outfits to accessories.

Characters of the series. (From Left to Right) KAITO, MEIKO, Kagamine Len, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Megurine Luka

The game Project Diva series, caused Hatsune Miku’s popularity to increase in Japan which caused the concert, which was a huge success, also it has caused a worldwide audience. Which brings us to even more games and more music. Also more artists making the songs from the programme.

The game and programme for Hatsune Miku gained so much popularity that in 2009 there were 3 concerts featuring songs from the first Project Diva game. The one that’ is on YouTube is the 3rd out of the 3 concerts performed. The concerts also featured other Vocaloids: Rin, Len and Luka. The songs were performed in front of a live audience, with a real life band along with it. Although, (sadly) not being real the Vocaloids were there as projections on an expensive glass sheet. There were multiple projectors around the glass, causing a more 3D effect, making the Vocaloids look like they were really there.

That one concert cause people worldwide to discover her (Including myself). Since it’s popularity there have been more games, concerts, artists and most of all fan increasing by the day. Many fans don’t even understand what the translation of the songs are, yet so many still watch and listen to the music because I sound and feels like it’s about something good or related to them. Isn’t that what true music should do? Make you feel good about yourself and others.

I personally enjoy Miku’s music with a passion, I do translate the lyrics to find the true meaning of the song. It makes me and people around me feel good. Many people think I am weird for listening to a programme’s music from another country. Well, they listen to very similar stuff with autotune from America. I don’t care what they say, I enjoy Miku and the other Vocaloids. I hope their music lives on and never dies.


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