“End of an Era”: The Match That Stopped The Show

This is an end of an era, the end of two last and greatest active wrestlers. The best of the best, to have ever laced their boots and to have entered the ring of the World Wrestling Entertainment. With a special guest referee who is also a great wrestling legend and Hall of Famer. Are they able to end their era with a bang or like the “Once In a Life Time” match fall short on expectations?

The Undertaker (Mark Calloway), Triple H (Paul Levesque) and Shawn Michaels (Special Guest Referee) are the best of the best in wrestling and the most recognisable figures in the WWE. They walked into WrestleMainia XXVIII (28) with fans all over the world watching this match more closely than any other. They not only lived up to the hype of the match, they also had a match that will be remembered for years to come.

From the time they first entered the ring to when all three walked backstage, the match was incredible. If you blinked you would’ve missed something big. Even if you were on the other side of the world, you could feel the intensity in the air. As a WWE fan, I wasn’t able to look away from my TV. I was hooked into the match; I never looked away until all three had left the arena.

This match should’ve been the main event of the Pay-per-view, instead of being in the middle of the show. Not to take anything away from the The Rock VS John Cena match, but in my own opinion this should’ve been a main event.

So many other wrestlers in the WWE were watching this match just as closely as the fans were. They had a tremendous amount of respect for these three great legends who were in the ring. There have been interviews with other wrestlers talking about the match and about what they think these legends will do now:

“My dad will tell me about Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant, I am going to tell this story.” –The Miz

My all time favourite moment from this match since I started watching wrestling. The moment was after the match, when all three gentlemen walked arm and arm to backstage. They walked up the ramp, and then all three turned and looked at the crowd. They received a standing ovation out of respect for the greatest legends ever to set foot in a wrestling ring.

“The highlight of the match for me, was the three gentleman involved after the bell had rang, arm and arm. Right in front of the 20-0 sign, just symbolising exactly what they had talked about, an ‘End Of An Era'” –John Cena



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