This poster of saving Miku (Hatsune Miku) is all about stopping the virtual singer from disappearing from the internet because of someone claiming copyright through YouTube and other sites.

Firstly the background of the whole entire poster is coloured black just so that the other colours stand out more, especially seeming the other main colour used is bright blue.

I used the picture of Hatsune Miku on the left because a lot of people can recognise her in that pose because Hatsune Miku is in many video games, mainly involved with the ‘Project Diva’ series. I made the picture cover an entire half, just so it was attention grabbing and so that other people can clearly see what Miku looks like.

I used the term ‘Save Muku’ in big bold letters, mainly so it can attract attention and so it already gives the reader an idea of what the poster is about. I coloured the letters blue because it fits within the colour scheme, also it is the same colour as Miku’s hair.

Underneath the Save Miku is a smaller text saying “Save her before she disappears forever!” This is in the same colour as the other text, so the reader doesn’t get overwhelmed with different colours, I made text smaller, mainly so the read might have to come closer to the poster nearly forcing them to read the rest of the poster. Underneath the English text there is some Japanese text, which put there to be fair because Hatsune Miku is actually Japanese so it makes sense. It’s just translates to the same text as the English.

There are two other texts in the bottom right of the page which are the English and Japanese translations of the text. It is just describing fully what’s going on. Which is as I said before, there is someone claiming copyright against many Hatsune Miku videos and pictures all over the internet, slso telling the reader a little about Hatsune Miku. Once again I kept the colour of the text the same blue used before but I made the text slight smaller which drags the reader in, also it so both texts can still fit on the poster.

The only crowd I was aiming for was anyone who enjoys music and use the internet, which is a big crowd. Which is people of all ages, who just enjoy music no matter what the language.  Also the poster is aimed at people who can either speak English or Japanese.


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