“Once In A Lifetime”: Over Hyped?


The “Once In A Lifetime” wrestling match between The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) VS John Cena, at the biggest Pay-Per-View for WWE  (World Wrestling Entertainment) WreslteMainia, did it live up to all the hype it received?

Well, many fans don’t think so. Many say that it shouldn’t of been the main event for WreslteMainia. Also a lot of fans say that the “End of An Era” match should’ve been the main event. Mainly because it was the most unforgotten match from all of the matches from that night, but it could never be repeated.

A good reason why the End of An Era match is not easy to forget, is because whoever was watching that match didn’t want to look away because they would miss something. Whereas, in this match the crowd wasn’t really interested, as if they already wanted to go home. A great wrestling match cannot be all about the people in the ring, the crowd plays their part to keep the energy flowing.

There was so much hype behind the Rock VS Cena Matchup, throughout America it was talked about. Internet, TV and Billboards, There was way too much hype and publicity behind the match, it was impossible for it to live up to the hype. Although, everyone has to at least give them credit for having a go. It would’ve been very hard on both athletes to have just one match to live up to all that hype.


It would be hard to build up all that hype again, so WWE might want to take advantage of all the publicity they have.

In the end, the WWE should’ve thought twice about how much publicity they need for one match. As a long time fan, I personally will take my hat off to them for a great show in total. Even though the Rock and Cena match could’ve been much better than it actually was. They have brought a lot of attention, meaning more fans and more money. This in the end isn’t too bad.


4 thoughts on ““Once In A Lifetime”: Over Hyped?

  1. Evan, this is almost a perfect submission. The emulation of style is perfect, it is clear that you understand the content you writing about and the style of the format that you are writing in well.
    The only things that let you down were the lack of references and not posting a comment.
    Well done.

    Grade: A-

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